Thursday, March 15, 2012

Literature Scrap Book

Two or three weeks ago I was browsing around in The Ivy Cottage and found this scrap book.  Unfortunately there is no real indication as to who the owner was.

There are fourteen pages of newspaper clippings from what I can tell the years 1936-1937.  The clippings consist of a series called "Do You Know".  The articles include a drawing of an author and a short biography.  Underneath the picture is the phrase For Your Literature Scrapbook: followed by the bio.

I have not been able to find out anything about these articles.  I don't know who wrote them, or which papers they were published in.

There are also a bunch of loose clippings that didn't get plastered with glue.  These are articles, photos, and obits of authors.  Luckily on the backsides are some obits and other happenings that I can share.

I think the clippings come from a few different newspapers.  One of them is from the Boston Globe, October 1937 and another is from The Providence Sunday Journal, January 1936.  I think the "Do You Know" articles are from the Evening Public Ledger.

There is one clipping that might be a clue as to whose scrapbook this was and it has nothing to do with literature (I don't think).  One side is the obituary of Frank L. Towle of Conway, New Hampshire, and the other side is a photo of Charles Carter, Register of Deeds in Ossipee, New Hampshire.  Which of these fellows was of interest to the scrapbooker?

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