Often times when I find an obituary or some other newspaper article, or even a document about an ancestor I get some "extra" stuff that happens to be printed on the same page, such as news articles, legal notices, ads, death notices, etc.

I created this blog to share all that "extra" stuff in case it's of value to someone else. I will also post the cool pieces of ephemera that I find at yard sales and flea markets that have no clear identifying descriptors as to whose family they belong to. 

This is going to be fun.

Leslie Ann


  1. Hi Leslie Ann,

    I just found your blog while searching blog types at Geneabloggers. You have a great site and it seems we both enjoy old newspapers. :) I've transcribed many articles and posted them to my blog, beeskneesdaily.com and I have a question for you...I've noticed you post actual news articles, are you able to copy them from online or are these paper copies? The newspaper site I use disables the copy function, so I have to type everything for my website. I also have a microfilm machine and transcribe directly to my computer, but sometimes it would be nice not to have to type so much!

    I look forward to following your blog.

    1. Hi! I was just checking out your blog. I like it.

      I have a combination of sources. Some of the articles are from newspaper clippings in my possession, some are digital copies from the net, and some are photocopies.

      You have a microfilm machine? That would come in handy.

      I look forward to following along your blog as well.


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