Richard Allen, Moneyer of St. Peter, ad Vincula, Tower of London

I have been on a mission to collect as much data as possible to build a family tree for Richard Allen, moneyer of  St. Peter,  ad Vincula, Tower of London.  He was the father of George Allen, clothmaker who married Katherine Slarkes  5 Nov 1624 in All Hallows Church, Honey Lane, London, England.

Every where you look you will find family trees and even publications that claim this George and Katherine were the same couple that went to Massachusetts with the Rev Joseph Hull company. I am here to tell you that they are a total different couple. This George and Katherine never left England.

I posted about this earlier on one of my other blogs - Immigrant George Allen Did Not Marry Katherine Starke.

The family tree with sources included is here.  It is an ongoing project and if anyone has the resources or time to help, or can add anything, I would greatly appreciate it.

 Leslie Ann

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