Friday, March 2, 2012

Friend of Friends Friday - Exciting Fugitive Slave Case

Banner of Liberty, Middletown, N.Y., 
May 11, 1859, pg 8
              Zanesville, Ohio, May 3, 1859
   EXCITING FUGITIVE SLAVE CASE IN OHIO. --   A fugitive slave named Jackson, of Clarksburg,Virginia was arrested here last night and taken before Judge Marsh, who, this morning, decided that the prisoner was illegally held, and discharged him.  Immediately after his discharge he was re-arrested, put in irons, and driven to the depot for the purpose of taking him to Wheeling.  A desperate effort was made by the negroes to rescue him, and during the excitement clubs and pistols were freely used, and several persons were badly injured.  The attempt at rescue proved unsuccessful.  Meanwhile a writ was served on the Marshal, commanding him to bring the prisoner before the Court.  This point has not yet been settled.  The excitement in regard to the matter still continues very great.
             Zanesville, Ohio, May 4, 1859
Jackson, the fugitive slave, was this morning delivered to his master, to be taken back to Virginia. A large crowd followed the parties to the railroad depot, but there was no attempt at a rescue. 

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