Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Marriage Certificate For Ed Bloomer and Isabel Sirrine

Last May I was in the Bear Lake County Courthouse in Paris, Idaho making copies of a few documents. On the top half of the same page that my great-grandparent's marriage certificate was on there was a marriage certificate for Ed Bloomer and Isabel Sirrine.

When I got home with the papers it seems that I inadvertently ran an x through that certificate because it didn't pertain to me. When I realized what I had done I said to myself "Dumbass, somebody else could use this!"

I am going to go ahead and post it here, so please forgive my big x running through the middle.

This document certifies that David Osborn, Justice of the Peace did on the 16th day of Feb. 1877 in Montpelier, Bear Lake Co, Idaho join in wedlock Ed Bloomer of Dingle Dell and Isabel Sirrine of Paris.
Witnesses: Lucretia Bingham and Nancy Osborn
County Recorder: J C. Rich

The name of this bride has peaked an interest in me because my great-grandfather Poulsen's middle name is Sirrine, and it is not a family name. I think I may have finally found a clue to where this name came from. My gr-great-grandparents James and Maren Kirstina Arff Poulsen must have been close to the Sirrine family to name their first born after them.

Just goes to show, you never know where you will find a clue.

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